Dedicated to the practice, development and transmission of Chinese Martial Arts for more than 17 years.

I have started my trainings with excellent and recognized martial teachers from the age of 6, achieving in these more than 40 years of learning, practice and development mastering various training techniques aimed at the development of the spirit, mind and body as well as the work of stimulation, direction, channeling and storage of vital energy (the Chi) by means of internal practices and meditation for its application and use in the arts of personal defense, the prevention of diseases and self-healing without medicines.

Chi is the most powerful, effective and economic medicine that exists.
Practicing techniques for the achievement of deep and efficient positive thinking, my team and I are at your disposal to guide you in this path of evolution of consciousness and personal growth, adjusting our knowledge to your current needs.
Do not hesitate to contact us, as it will be a real pleasure to share with you the wisdom of Taoist Art, its application in everyday life and its more than proven benefits for the human being in general.

ying-yang-compressorWishing you the best and most beautiful for your life and your path this is where this, doing what you are doing, we send you a hug of my Chi and more positive thoughts.

Fausto Flores Aguilar
Founding President
Universal School K’at Lin Kung Fu

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