Hi, I´m Fausto

I've been around 35 years of practice in various martial arts and more than 18 years dedicated to the transmission of a philosophy of life that integrates with all of our inner nature and the external universe, helping to advance and improve many people and customers with which I have been very successful.


I created my own training system which called Kat Lin Kung Fu, which will combine the various techniques or martial systems that have managed to master. I focus on the use and development of a positive mind and the correct and appropriate use of vital energy. Currently he is working on the project "The route of the power supply external universe and its merger with the internal." I am currently working on the project "The way of supplying the energy of the external universe and its fusion with the internal one".

I consider as one of the most important tasks in my life, transmission and dissemination of Chinese Taoist thought that both helped me to grow and evolve. I have been fortunate to have been able to deepen and learn is internal disciplines like science Zhi Neng Qi Gong expert hands of Chinese teachers and well-known internationally such as Master Liu Jianshe,
Professor Zou Ping direct disciples of the teachings of Dr. Pang Ming scientist and the creator of the Zhi Neng Qi Gong.



From Continental School of Tai Chi Chuan Yang style, under the direction I instruction international and renowned teacher of China Tong Chi King in early 2002, I received my diploma from the school of Tai Chi Chuan Guatemala, and a certificate recognition for my contribution in the development and transmission of Tai Chi Chuan in Guatemala.






Then I also had the good and learned the Chen style Tai Chi with Master Zhang Xiaoping of China to which I am also extremely grateful.









To this day, I have taught a lot of courses and seminars to many people, with whom I have had the opportunity to bring transcendental wisdom of internal and external martial arts.






I also have the great honor today have already trained many new excellent instructors and teachers who have completed successfully and with high merits all the requirements for this work in the transmission of our philosophy and way of life.






I have participated in some international championships Chinese martial arts with excellent results.





Today, thanks to my experience over the years of training and practice, I have created a varied style of teaching, enjoying great patience, clear and calm voice, he facilitated learning for those who choose to learn from me.

My public library of videos where I show some Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan is available on YouTube on my personal channel, Kat Lin Kung Fu Youtube

For me it will be a pleasure to share my knowledge and lead you on this journey of self-knowledge, consciousness evolution and helping to maximum for best in every aspect of your life.










Continental School of Tai Chi Chuan - Master Chi Kin Tong - Year 2002

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