K’at Lin Kung Fu training is dynamic and powerful. Designed for the development and strengthening of the spirit, mind and body of its practitioners to develop a sophisticated and powerful technique for their personal defense, and an attitude towards life and society, in which they learn and develop various techniques of exercise and Chinese gym routines. Martial forms of Wushu Kung Fu, traditional and modern Tai Chi Chuan.

The training is strong and demanding and the pace is marked by the group accustomed to hard and disciplined work.

K’AT in a symbol of the Mayan ideogram and means, among other things, the mesh that catches or carries the information or the word, Lin is wood in Chinese, we can interpret the Kung as hard work, perseverance, discipline, and Fu can be understood as something done correctly, with wisdom, with mastery.

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Practice makes a Master ..

Kung-Fu is a physical, mental and spiritual activity.

Its objective is to achieve peace without using force.

We also practice to have an optimal physical condition, a balanced mental state and strong and flexible healthy bodies throughout our passage through life, in addition to having a sophisticated and powerful technique for our personal defense.

Its philosophical principles are several, hard and disciplined work, respect for all that surrounds us, resistance, trust and honesty are necessary, as well as humility and compassion before life and patience, are values ​​that are develop in this discipline and that is something that can be acquired through practice for many years. It is a path for life.

In the renunciation of self, collective thought is achieved.
It is not necessary to have a special physical condition to start practicing Kung Fu, all that is needed is a lot of enthusiasm, desire to learn and overcome our limitations.

For those who want to start the practice but have no experience, it is recommended to be very willing to do it and also a lot of patience is the basis, since with this base you can achieve anything and build a solid and solid future.

Beginners should keep in mind that progress in physical, mental and spiritual skills is acquired through great effort and practice during a necessary period of time.

Mutual respect between colleagues and the development of a bond between ALL, which encourages enthusiasm for the practice of kung fu: those who practice it have fun, suffer and train at the same time by showing this millenary martial art in all its essence and depth, the beauty and breadth of its peaceful form, using more intelligence and less force.



The physical benefits of kung fu practice are great in general.

It increases the resistance of the bone tissues and the resistance of muscles and tendons, favoring the rapid regeneration of cells.

It improves the performance and the efficiency of the cardiac rhythm and the uptake of assimilating nutrients and oxygen at the same time that it elevates the capacities of pumping and of sanguineous flow that favors the elimination of the fatty deposits.

It makes us move muscles that we do not usually use in our daily life, exercising from the head to the toes, promoting a correct use of energy and favoring a greater general balance, increasing the strength, resistance, speed and flexibility of your muscles. practitioners throughout the training time.

Regulate the nervous system, and stabilize it. It also positively influences all the internal organs by increasing their performance and toning due to the internal self-massage produced by the varied movements of the branches and forms. It also benefits breathing, and the effectiveness of gas exchange that takes place within the body.

The psychological and emotional aspect is also influenced and creates in the practitioner a set of feelings and emotions that occur due to harmonious and controlled movements because when we move we think and feel everything that happens inside and outside.

With time and a lot of practice, the ability to execute movements with emotion and spirit and increasingly stronger, powerful and effective thanks to this general emotion is acquired. Arriving at this degree, the kung-fu begins to strike the practitioner, who is becoming increasingly stable in every way.

We train to keep the mind cold and always do the right thing in any situation.

In the social relations changes are also generated, since the practitioners become much more open, understanding, compassionate and supportive.

Since we began to practice in the classes we work with brothers who at first are unknown. But working, struggling, sweating a lot, suffering and laughing, we enjoy big. A very strong bond is created between the work team.

All this we usually take to everyday life. One of the advantages is that the training methodology can help us throughout our lives, whatever we do and wherever we are, because, for example, by controlling emotions, anger or fear, in a situation of risk or danger, we control the situation.

If someone needs our help, we have a moral duty to help others!