Master Shifu Kat Lin Kung Fu
Fausto Aguilar


An international instructor with over 17 years of experience, practicing since 1977. The creator of his own K’at Lin Kung Fu training system used to improve the quality of human life. A professor of street self-defense techniques.

Trainer of using a positive mind, indicating the proper use of life energy. Author of the project “Secret path of energy supply of the internal body and its connection with the universe.”

I was born in Guatemala in 1971 and from the age of six I started to be interested in martial arts, and then I met my first teachers. I trained different disciplines of contact sports (kung fu, tekwondo, boxing, judo, MMA), I devoted myself to meditation and experiments with the use of Chi energy.

After years of practice with recognized and talented teachers, I began to teach myself internal martial arts and self-defense. I left Central America and started to wander until I settled in Spain.

In Mallorca, I opened my school ESCUELA UNIVERSAL KAT LIN KUNG FU, which students from all over the world (America, Europe and Africa) came to. I was lucky because Majorca is very multicultural. It will be over 17 years as I teach and over 40 years as I practice and develop on this path.

I experienced the healing power of Tai Chi and Qi Gong when I suffered an accident. I suffered a serious left knee injury resulting from the competitive fight at Judo at the age of 23. It left my career as an athlete and martial artist on the sidelines.
Then I did not really have a choice, i.e. I had to undergo a major knee surgery, which I do not know if it would succeed, or believe in Chi’s own energy and devote myself to a very regular practice in order to cultivate it.

Although I believed so much, it surprised me how the ancient Taoist internal practices cured my body and allowed me to return to normal practice habits. I do not conceal that sometimes it hurts after a lot of effort, but then I devote myself to meditation and I train Tai Chi, and the pain passes, in the end I’m only 47 years old, and pain is an inseparable part of our lives. I treat the practice of internal and self-healing techniques as a priority in my usual training. I develop it myself and try to instil it for my students.

I love the transmission of Taoist thinking and I have been specially trained in such disciplines as ZhiNeng Qi Gong by well-known and international experts and masters (Liu Jianshe, professor Zou Ping worshiped and recognized in the context of traditional Chinese medicine and Tao martial arts). I am a consultant dealing with the stress of business people, painters, sculptors, singers, athletes and all who need me.

I graduated from the Tai Chi Chuan Continental School in Yang style (Continental School Tai Chi Chuan), in English, under the direction of the International and recognized Chinese Teacher King Tong Chi in 2002, receiving a certificate of completion and a certificate of recognition to continue learning by teaching others.

I also deepened the practical development and teaching of Tai Chi Chuan Chen style, with Xiaopin Zhang master in the traditional Tai Chi Chen style. I have traveled to China and several countries around the world.

My experience and diverse teaching style, patience and strong voice make it easier for me to learn also for those who visit me on line. My public library of films where I present Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan is available on YouTube on my channel.

You can also see there soon movies from Poland, from Warsaw where I am currently and where the three most important women in my life come from: my wife Kornelia and two daughters Oleanna and Marena. I immigrated here for love and I deeply believe that I will meet something good here because I have a lot to offer myself.

See you soon!