A system based on powerful meditation techniques that combine individual and collective consciousness with vital energy, which we call QI. By practicing, it manages to strengthen the mind and stabilize the nervous system, bringing physical and emotional benefits to health, helping in the fight against stress, anxiety, depression, mental exhaustion.

I will teach you how to concentrate your energy to speed up the achievement of what seems unattainable to us. Technique helpful in resolving disputes, improving negotiations. From taoist wisdom they used, among others Rupert Murdoch, Russell Simmons, Arianna Huffington, Bill Ford, Padmasree Warrior and Ray Dalio.

The latter said: “meditation, more than anything in my life, was the greatest component of the success I have achieved.” Taking care of your inner harmony, relaxation and a bit of physical activity is an excellent and completely free way to strengthen your chances of success in any field.

When we all work in a more relaxed way, it leads to a significant increase in productivity and improvement of the overall economy of companies

  • Qi Gong is a simple and easy-to-learn method that can be quickly implemented into our everyday life and work day plan.

    Important studies carried out in countries with a large population and strongly developing such as China, Japan and Mexico have proven the effectiveness of using Qi Gong. In some corporations, 30 minutes of training were introduced every day into a permanent team work schedule.

Why is it worth investing in the training of Vital Energy for Business:

  • Most of us experience stress a few times a day because of work (60.7% of respondents according to Moon Dog PR).
  • Stress that accumulates is harmful not only to health, but makes us less productive and concentrated at work.
  • Qigong trainings have been included in the permanent work plan of some teams because the presidents and directors have learned that thanks to this the mental potential increases. They train such companies as: Google, Apple, Nike, Deutsche Bank, Allegro, Mars Poland.
  • The large relaxation that occurs during exercise, as well as mental quietness and concentration enhancement, increase efficiency and improve the results at work.
  • Help focus on a specific task. The disappearance of thoughts resulting from excess work. Internal relaxation and self-confidence according to the principle, I am in no hurry and I will make it.
  • Let us take an example from the Scandinavian countries, where trainings such as qigong in the company are treated as prevention of crisis management in business.
  • Let’s change the approach to pursuing a goal-oriented business, and let us concentrate on the human being as the creator of the success of this business.

What does the training include:

  • An introduction to what the Energy of the Universe is and what role each of us has.
  • Making us aware of how great power our thoughts, emotions and desires have.
  • Practical tips on how to manage and master your thoughts.
  • Meditative exercises.
  • Exercises focusing our energy.
  • Exercises that purify our body and mind.
  • Deep relaxation exercises.
  • Tips on how to solve problems and achieve common and individual goals.
  • Discussions and questions.

And what’s next

We give the possibility of regular practices in the company’s database, regular classes.
We enable individual work of the so-called class personal.


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