American Karate: A New Style and Philosophy

American Karate is an effort to reverse current trends of cookie-cutter martial arts. Over-commercialization has degraded standards, producing students with false confidence and poor fighting skills.

Karate needs an upheaval, not another makeover.

American Karate cuts the fat, bringing back combat and realism to martial arts. It redefines the word Karate and provides over 30 reliable core techniques with photos and theory.

The philosophy serves as a practical guidebook for martial artists looking for a better way. American Karate will teach you:

• Why you don’t really want a black belt
• Reliable kicks, punches, and blocks
• How to approach combat with strategy and efficiency
• How to find a good school, and spot the bad ones
• How to choose a good teacher, and avoid the frauds
• How to think for yourself when it comes to martial arts
• What it really means to have a black belt
• What credentials are, and why they don’t matter



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