Boxing Professional Mexican Style Headgear Gen3Mex Hammer

The Gen3Mex headgear is the third generation of Ultimatum Boxing family of genuine leather Mexican style headgears. It is designed to ensure professional level of protection and meet the highest performance standards. The headgear is padded with a proprietary formula polymer foams combination, which ensures up to 70 per cent decrease of impact force transition to the head.
Front padding has double thickness in the forehead and side protectors areas. The side protectors, which are often called ‘cheek protectors’ – the term we don’t like – are designed to protect your nose from straight punches and hooks. Of course, they will protect cheeks and the chin as well, and will do that better than most of HGs in the market. And all this comes in a compact shape and extremely light weight close to the market best of FG 2900.
The inner surface is covered with artificial suede to ensure better grip with the surface of the head and moisture withdrawal. There are two reasons we chose artificial suede instead of natural. First is the lighter weight and second – it doesn’t stiffen over time and stays soft and comfortable.
The headgear ensures 100% natural vision and is easy to get used to due to its compact shape and comfortable fit.
The headgear has a lace-type closure on the top and hook-and-loop closure on the back. The chin strap is closed and adjusted with a familiar easy close/release plastic buckle by YKK.


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