Chinese Medicine – Ten Key Formula Families

Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine provides a practical path to a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese herbal formulas. Dr. Huang discusses the core aspects of the ten most important families of formulas in the classical formula tradition in a way that is both profound and accessible. By introducing the concept of constitutions and the attendant vulnerabilities of those constitutions to certain types of disorders, he hands the reader a very useful key to understanding how and when to use these formulas in the clinic. The ten families of formulas are grouped around the following herbs:
Cinnamon – Cinnamomi Ramulus
Ephedra – Ephedrae Herba
Bupleurum – Bupleuri Radix
Gypsum – Gypsum fibrosum
Rhubarb – Rhei Radix et Rhizoma
Coptis – Coptidis Rhizoma
Aconite accessory root – Aconiti Radix lateralis preparata
Dried ginger – Zingiberis Rhizoma
Astragalus – Astragali Radix
Pinellia – Pinelliae Rhizoma preparatum
For each family of formulas, Dr. Huang describes the associated presentation and constitutional aspects common to all members of the family, then turns to the individual formulas that are especially useful for treating particular aspects of that presentation. The discussion is embellished with case histories and relevant clinical research.



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