EDGE: Secrets of the Russian Blade Master

This book is one-of-a-kind. Standard knife books tell you There is no defense. Just run. or First hit the back of your opponent’s hand… But what if you panic and your hands are shaky, get scared and freeze, misjudge the distance and get stabbed or a family member is with you and you cannot run. The problem is always deeper than techniques and easy slogans. The 3 sections in this book: Knife in Your Hand, At Knife Point, and Signs of Danger, complete all that is needed to develop intuition, awareness, swift dexterity, smooth evasions, and invincible freedom of movement. Vladimir Vasiliev, one of the founding masters of Systema, teaches you how to disarm a blade at any stage of attack. His unique training program triggers the perceptual revolution for you to sense the threat long before your life’s on the line and gives you the only real chance to survive. Cut through your fear and gain the sharpest edge of awareness and skill.


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