Kendo – Fundamentals and Waza to Win

Kendo – Fundamentals and Waza to Win
By Hirakawa Nobuo

Originally published in Japanese in 1993, Hirakawa-sensei’s book has been a consistent best seller and has been through several editions.

The book starts with a brief history of kendo and its current state before focusing on the basics in Chapter 2. Hirakawa-sensei provides guidance on how to stand, move, swing the shinai (bamboo sword), put on bogu (protective armour), as well as basic strikes and defensive moves.

Chapter 3 delves deeply into shikake-waza (off-the-mark techniques) and oji-waza (applied techniques). The shikake-waza section covers techniques such as taiatari-waza, katsugi-waza, and creating striking opportunities through body movement and using the shinai tip. Nuki-waza, suriage-waza, harai-waza, maki-waza, and many more technique categories are covered in the applied techniques section before finishing with jodan-waza.

There is also an explanation of the Nippon Kendo Kata using a bokuto (wooden sword), as well as practicing the forms while wearing bogu.

Throughout the book, each technique is explained in detail and illustrated with diagrams and photos to help your understanding.

Kendo–Fundamentals and Waza to Win is the most detailed instruction guide available in English and is essential reading for both novice and expert practitioners.



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