Kuntao and Silat: Chinese Indonesian Combat Arts – Fighting Patterns

Fighting Patterns of Kuntao and Silat (Authored by Chris Derbaum, Justin Miller) Brutal and Devastating Art of Kuntao and Silat. Fighting Patterns of Kuntao and Silat is a book based on a diagram which is sometimes referred to as Chinese hands and Indonesian feet. The footwork diagrams are a guide to numerous footwork patterns to put you in the right place at the right time for devastating leg strikes and takedowns which can also be used against multiple attackers. There are over 140 pages of footwork patterns alone in the book that serve as a “how to” guide so you can follow along and practice on your own. The book also includes the most basic footwork stances to more complicated takedowns in this devastating system. When the same diagram is turned upright all the explosive handwork and brutal knifework is also followed from this diagram. There is also a short history of Kuntao-Silat from China-Indonesia and some of the first teachers that brought these arts to the United States. Authors Chris Derbaum and Justin Miller both worked in the law enforcement field for over 35 years and have applied the arts of Kuntao-Silat to numerous real life situations.



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