MCRP 3-02B Marine Corps Martial Arts Program

The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) is a combat system developed by the United States Marine Corps to combine existing and new hand-to-hand and close quarters combat techniques with morale and team-building functions and instruction in the Warrior Ethos.

The program, which began in 2001, trains Marines (and U.S. Navy personnel attached to Marine units) in unarmed combat, edged weapons, weapons of opportunity, and rifle and bayonet techniques. It also stresses mental and character development, including the responsible use of force, leadership, and teamwork.

Marine Corps Reference Publication (MCRP) 3-02B, Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP), is designed for Marines to review and study techniques.

A fully implemented MCMAP program can help instill esprit de corps and help foster the mental, character, and physical development of the individual Marine in the unit.

This publication guides individual Marines, team leaders, and martial arts instructors/instructor trainers in the proper tactics, techniques, and procedures for US Marine Corps martial arts training.


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