Tactical Mantis Training: Street Self-Defense Applications

This book is about basic street self defense.

About the Author
Master Raul Ortiz has been training in the martial arts for over 5 decades, which has led him to train with some fascinating teachers who were willing to share their knowledge. For the past 2 decades, Master Ortiz has been going to Hong Kong to train with his current teacher, Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing, and has brought him to the US to train with the OCBA students. Master Raul Ortiz 9th Level Chief Instructor Ortiz Chinese Boxing Association Founder/President Tactical Mantis Training® TMT Northern Shaolin Temple Seven Star Mantis 8th Generation Closed-Door Disciple and USA Representative of Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing 10th Level Vice-President Hong Kong Southern and Northern Martial Arts Association Overseas Founding Member The Global Chinese Martial Artist Federation Chairman The World of Traditional 7 Star Mantis Style Federation


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