The Chinese idogram Zhi can be understood as intelligence, Neng as potential, Qi is the energy or substance that animates everything that has life in the Universe and Gong is work. So when we think of Zhi Neng Qi Gong, we think about the potential of working with the intelligent energy of the Universe.

What is qigong?

Qigong is a science of human life..

Through the practice of qigong and focusing on ourselves, we can develop our potential to better understand ourselves and the world.

Modern science understands human beings from the outside, as a subject, but qigong understands people from the inside. In Chinese there is a saying: ‘zhi nei er da wai’, which means ‘if you really understand inside, you will also understand outside (the universe and all its information)’.

This is because our mind contains all the information of the universe. Through qigong we can improve to be healthier, kinder and freer. We can use the information to help others and to make our own life more beautiful, easier and more harmonious. Through the practice of qigong we become more sensitive and know what we really need to improve our lives.

Qigong is a very high and advanced science because it studies our yishi. Yishi is not just the mind; It comes from the fusion of information with the knowledge that we have in our deepest selves.

The “zhao xi power” of human beings (our framework for understanding reality) comes mainly from the knowledge we get from the ideas of other people, from modern science, from books, our educational system, etc.

There is another way to obtain knowledge and it is through meditation, qigong, and similar techniques.

We can use this other type of knowledge to expand our understanding, so that our ‘can zhao xi’ is more complete and complex.

The universe is composed of qi, in qigong theory, qi is invisible to the human eye, but can be perceived by the mind.

Our thoughts are a unique type of qi. This type of qi is linked to everything in our existence. It affects us and everything that surrounds us. Everything in the universe is matter, including our ideas.

Most of our thoughts waste the energy of our body, but people become more careful to keep Qifield clear when they realize that our thoughts affect our health, our emotions and every action.

If we can master the qi: then we can master our destiny…


What is qifield?

A qifield is composed of qi and different qifields and they vary according to the different qualities of qi they contain.

Qi is a type of matter, the most basic unit of the universe. Everything that contains information and everything in the universe contains its own special information.

The information of the human mind is a special type of qi and information, due to its active properties, can join other qi to form a personal qifield.

A qifield contains many types of information merging. It includes the place and its surroundings, the people that integrate it and their information, and anything else that the person who builds the qifield wants to include.

For example, if they know how to do it, people can link their minds with other qigong practitioners and include them in the qifield.

When practicing Qigong, we use our mind to gather all kinds of qi and merge them to form a qifield.

Various information will form different qlds, so we can form a qifield that helps with healing, or one that develops super skills, or that increases productivity, etc.

Many qigong centers have a qifield that focuses on bodily diseases.

In Zhi Neng Qi Gong a qifield is developed that focuses more on the origins of the disease and the information that people need to improve and stay healthy.

What is real healing?

For the healing of Zhineng Qigong, Dr. Pang has recently talked about the healing of Yiyuanti. It is called the “Second set of patterns”.

Yiyuanti Healing: the teacher or healer will simply guide the people to realize their Yiyuanti, the truth of themselves.

The truth of human beings: Yiyuanti, can cure any disease and achieve any desire. For the Yiyuanti, no matter how far, how high, how small or how hard, it can penetrate.

For the Yiyuanti, everything is connected and can connect to anyone, anywhere.

The relationship between teachers and students is One in the Yiytuanti. The One is there to heal one another.

All Yiyuanti are connected in the Qi field, so the Qi field is the master or the healer; everything is possible in an effective Qi field.

Healing using qigong has become simpler, easier and also more effective.

From the understanding of Yiyuanti there has been a greater and deeper awareness in the Qi field throughout the world. One can simply guide people during the practice of qigong to get into the character of what they really want.

Only successful results are in the Qi field, not how, when or why. For practitioners (students or those who seek healing) it can be a joyful and relaxing journey, although we call it qigong healing.

There are many examples of Yiyuanti healing in China and around the world.

More and more people are focusing on the “second set of patterns” to live and heal.

Benefits of the Practice

With the practice of these methods you can obtain powerful healing and wellness results:

• Strengthen the immune and endocrine system
• Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
• Achieve a greater sense of well-being, emotional stability and balance
• Enhance the ability to attract positive changes to your life
• Improve any other spiritual and energetic practice
• Deepen the individual connection to the universal healing energy

Scientific research has discovered that the practice of Qigong can:

• Start the ‘relaxation response’, the decrease in heart rate and blood pressure
• Modify the moderating profile of the neurochemistry of pain, depression and addictive anxiety, as well as the improvement of the immune capacity
• Improve the efficiency of the immune system by increasing the rate and flow through the lymphatic system
• Improve resistance to diseases and infections and increase the efficiency of cell metabolism and tissue regeneration
• Harmonize the balance of the cerebral hemispheres (right / left), promoting deep sleep, reducing anxiety and increasing mental clarity
• Induce alpha and theta brain waves, which reduce heart rate and blood pressure, facilitating mental relaxation and attention
• Moderate the function of the glandular system, as well as the cerebrospinal fluid, which mediates pain and mood, enhancing immunological function.

Qi Gong is a safe and very beneficial practice even for women in pregnancy.

Qi Gong will strengthen your spirit, mind and body in general, in addition to attracting beautiful and very positive things for your life.



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